22 February 2012: Plo Koon, Dagobah Swamp, Death Star Hangar, Support Ship, and Admiral Piett have been fixed. Tractor Beam and Call for Help still have issues causing stalls in the game and are being worked on.

16 February 2012: Please note that Admiral Piett has a bug that freezes the game during the reserve units selection if the opposing unit is destroyed.

15 February 2012: Ki-Adi-Mundi abilities are deactivated and all SAV discard abilities are turned off until the glitch can be isolated.

The hosting domain of the Official Star Wars PocketModels website was hacked sometime Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012. A hacker supplanted the domain host with a page of political statement images. SWPocketModels does not support vandalism as a means to express free speech. The forums were only down a couple of days and have been restored. - Gethralkin

12 October 2011: We are aware of the bug in Peacekeepers (Order 66 - 30) and are working on fixing it.

15th September 2011: Shot Down (Order 66 - 15) has now been implemented.

12th September 2011: New edit card facility is online so that, developers can change the cards without having to edit the XML documents. I have also fixed the problem with Chain Blast (Ground Assault 049) selecting the wrong zone. Equally I have been going through the Base Set and found a number of small errors which have now been fixed like: Hans Gambit (056) was matching against Force cards not Luck cards.

10th September 2011: Fixed some thumbnail image errors for Order 66. Other image errors, missing links, etc. are being worked on.

15th August 2011: Computer thumbnail images for Order 66 have been uploaded. Also an error in the system has been fixed.

13th August 2011: Discard Objective ability (Order 66) issues have been reported and are being worked on.

25th July 2011: Unlikely Escape (Order 66 - 36) now works. Upgraded error checking facilities which should help implementation.

22nd July 2011: Jedi Strength (Basic Set - 021) has been corrected for +1 damage instead of +1 defence. Urban Warfare (Order 66 - 37) now works. Staging Area (Ground Assault - 079) has been fixed and now works.

21st July 2011: Ability to view Ship Plates (i.e. unpunched styrene sheets) when looking at a ships details.

19th July 2011: Boarding Party and Tractor Beam cards Fixed. Also Jedi card abilities have now been implement. So far Elite Detachment, Faithful Ally, Teamwork, Darth Vader and Yoda has been implemented.

Also a big thank you to Gethralkin for all of his help in testing / fixing the site. - Gary Longford

18th July 2011: Hoth Snowfield now gives defence to both sides. The Swap Card playtesting utility does now include Order 66. - Gary Longford

13th July 2011: Order 66 cards can now be added to decks. If there are any changes people want on the site, please just give me a shout. Now I it is to add other sets, sure I will but it will require someone to type it all out, takes pictures etc. - Gary Longford

7th June 2011: To let everyone one I am back and intend to at the very least fix any error the site has and hopefully do a bit development. This time I am not going to promise anything as my life does get rather busy. First round of fixes will be completed today. - Gary Longford


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